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An unanswered question from our Who-rpgd20:

There are 4 kinds of Sontarans: Purebloods, three-fingered Sontarans, four-fingered Sontarans, and the Shakedown ones with the bumpy heads.

What are the differences between them?
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The original Sontarans were humanoids who lived on a world with heavier gravity. Probably similar in culture to the Mongols - barbarians with an interesting, if dubious honour code.

The descendents of these originals are the purebloods. I'm not sure offhand if they have four or even five fingers.

At some point one Warrior rises to pre-eminence - General Sontar - whose belief that he is the ultimate warrior leads to him creating an army of warrior clones based on his own genetic template. There appear to be two versions of these clones - the three-fingered and the four-fingered ones. I tend to view them as different castes: the split might be warrior/officer, army/navy, or military/non-military.

Which leaves the Shakedown Sontarans. There wasn't an explanation for the change (just as there wasn't - until Enterprise - for the Klingons), but at least the fact that they are permanently at war and are renowned for their exploitation of genetic engineering merely suggests the Sontarans seen are simply an upgrade of some kind.
Weren't the Shakedown Sontarans the five fingered variety?
According to Lords of the Storm the five-fingered Sontarans were Intelligence Officers.